Sun and Moon Calculations


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Last Updated on 2012:06:30
New leap second at midnight 30 June 2012. Update to moon.js comments in sun_moon.html.

If you want rise and set times at your location you can add a query string to this URL, it should look something like these examples

Cheltenham in Summer ?Place='Cheltenham'&Lat=51.88&Long=-2.12&TZ=+1&TZname='BST'
Berlin ?Place='Berlin'&Lat=+52.53&Long=13.42&TZ=+1&TZname='CET'
Stockholm ?Place='Stockholm'&Lat=59.332&Long=18.062&TZ=+1&TZname='CET'
Washington DC ?Place='Washington%20DC'&Lat=+38.88&Long=-77.0&TZ=-5&TZname='EST'